Early August, 2018


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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to this travelog of a trip.

While we’re waiting for this rather large, side-show of a slide-show to conform to your smart phones or laptops, please be aware that one of the local chaps, a Mr. Bill Krumholz, not only produced this whale of a Ring Road Ramble, but was also given responsibility for setting up our new duel-projector travelonium, including the date, data, and donut sorting systems here at our bi-monthly Icelandic Photo Club proceedings.

Lets just say that based on the previews, mistakes were made.

Mr. Krumholz will obviously need to rearrange several sections and images in a future version.

Until then, you may experience some visual turbulence and scene-shifttery along the way.

Unfortunately, that aspect of mass media communications (screw-ups, of all types) will remain the same for the floorseeable future.

Comforting I suppose . . . which reminds me of why Musical Roadies, those operating at the highest professional levels, have a much higher rate of ear…. Oh…

Wait… I see our signal now . . .

Yes, I believe . . . Mr. Krumholz is ready to go with the show? …


. . . Once again, keep the aisles clear for early exiting . . .

And now . . .


(what? yes? no? yes, ok, ok)


(what! no. no! arghhhhhh. . . . ok!)


(Yes, turn off those lights Mr. Krumholz . . . (Yes.) (Yes) (Yes that one too . . .)

(no… leave that light on Mr. Krumholz. YES that one!)

(Shezzzzzz! Curated-programing these days!)