Portraits From The Private Life Of An American Wife


Sleeping With The Farmer's Daughter is a portfolio of 40 images from a larger body of work (152+ images) entitled "Phyllis: Portraits From The Private Life Of An American Wife." The full series is an extended photographic narrative focusing on one woman over a period of 17 years. A span of time - from newlywed wife to middle-aged spouse - where the issues of youth, the identities that have been established and the roles once assumed, are being redefined by the considerations of a new season. The promises and demands of marriage, family and home, fiscal responsibilities, physical changes, childbirth, parenting, and the death of one’s own parents all present new challenges and perspectives to the body and soul. In this, the thickness of life, birth and death are like polar coordinates propelling the self around an ever-expanding sphere of issues and obligations. Bound in servitude to and by sustenance from these common bonds, this midpoint of life serves host to a cauldron of personal concerns, private joys, and life defining events.


Portfolio size: 40 images*

Series size: 152+ images*