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PERSONAL PANE is an idiosyncratic look at life in Minnesota, USA, circa the late 1970’s, 80’s, and early 90’s.

Arranged chronologically from birth through death, and laced with veins of humor and social comment, this series looks at some the more common, perhaps universal moments that define and shape our personal lives.

A visual exploration of friendship, individual awareness, family unity, love, loss, peace, humor, joy, grief, mystery, and the sometimes-subtle recognition of our own mortality. A photographic glimpse into life’s minor truths and daily transitions, PERSONAL PANE looks at some of the smaller stages we walk onto and inhabit in our lives. Performances we share with family, friends, and small-town neighbors. Solo acts and self-contained plays viewed from a personal perspective. A unified-series of standalone vignettes.




Series size: 133 images

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T1_122_pp121 BW12.1 R? 0001_OUTPUT3_4.5files ROUGH TRANSITIONS 28_IMG0057.jpg
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